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I WILL Personal training

Without Balance, Power Lacks Poise


Welcome, and thanks for visiting. I offer individual training, small-group training, as well as a variety of fitness classes, and well as athletic stretching. My mission is to tailor your sessions to provide an unsurpassed, effective, unique and enjoyable experience.

I have started to hold $10/person group training sessions at designated days and times. These sessions are designed for 2-6 people. These sessions are High Intensity Circuits, that I’ve put together. Expect to be pushed to your limits. This is one tough workout, even if you’re in great shape.

When we do certain types of exercises – either cardiovascular, aerobic, isometric, or others, our body gets used to the exercise over a period of time – such that one has to then increase the intensity of the exercises to challenge the body and bring about results. That is where AbboFit exercises differ from other forms of exercise. The main principle being – to not let the body slip into a routine and develop a slack. The goal is to constantly challenge the body by putting it through physical activity that does not focus on one type of exercise, but uses a combonation of exercises that include intense activities like weight training, running, calisthenics, sprinting, rowing, plyometrics and others.

To Schedule a group session – click on the “Schedule Now” button below, and you will be taken to my schedulicity page, click on the “classes” tab, and you will see the dates and times of available classes. Any evening classes must have a minimum of 3 people for the class to take place. Daytime classes will have a requirement of at least 2 clients for the class to take place.

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